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it's oh soo cold [Dec. 7th, 2006|02:33 pm]
Stephanie's Dream
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I need to update this bitch more often. Sorry, everyone is on myspace now. I'm not online as much. My family bought the game City Of Heros. So thats all they have been playing. It's either that or i'm working. I have a new cell number so if anyone if u want me to call you. Give me the digits.

Christmas is soo. I didn't get tickets to see incubus.. they sold out. Sucks.

It's only fall and it's fucking cold and snowing. God christmas it's gonna be 70 out watch.

I miss everyone.

From: directeurs
2006-12-08 05:57 am (UTC)

yes, you do need to update more often. what do i have to do to keep you here?
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[User Picture]From: glassidiotbox
2006-12-10 11:43 pm (UTC)



I miss you! How are u?
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From: directeurs
2006-12-11 06:58 am (UTC)
aw, i miss you too. i'm alright. i hope everything is going fine in your life.

i have a new aim name, dame doolittle. we should catch up someday.
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