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The end os the begining of the end. [Jul. 11th, 2006|11:24 pm]
Stephanie's Dream
Hello all,

Nothing major. Welllllll, i kinda really like Santos. He switched hours with me, he tried to steal my pictures, he tried to come to my BBQ that i wasn't even at. He remembered what time to start work and get off at. It's not as stalkerish as i'm putting it. I forgot to get money out of the bank and he offreed to give me money..odd.

I'm starting to have feeeeeeeeelings for him.

Anyways, i got a tan. Not my fault. Went to a bbq and sat outside and got tan. I hate being tan. Feels fake. I got an MP3 player. woo hoo.

Saw Pirates 2. Fucking loved it. I'm going to see My Super Ex-Girlfriend. Uma looks great in it.

From: directeurs
2006-07-12 06:38 am (UTC)
i'll be crossing my fingers for you and the boy.

uma =
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